My name is Tanchira. I like words, colours, food, music, culture, travelling, animals, and some other things. I might occasionally post about those things.

I used to draw pictures when I was younger. I drew a lot of Harry Potter fan art when I was a teenager. I gave that up when I started studying for my university entrance exams. Sadly, I have never got back into drawing on a regular basis, despite the fact that I recently bought a bunch of nice watercolour pencils and drawing paper. Now that I have an Apple Pencil and an iPad Pro (no, I’m not being paid by Apple, but I wouldn’t instantly say no if they offered!), as well as some free time here and there when I travel for work or for pleasure, I hope that I’ll be able to draw more often, and when I do, I’ll post my drawings here.

You can see some photos from my travels on this website that my fiancé is working on.

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