Slovakia Flashback (17 March 2017)

Skip these first few paragraphs if you just want to see the photos and don’t want to read about my battle with technology!

My fiancé built this website that works with your Instagram posts to create a map of places you’ve been.

My travel map is missing a couple of places that I have been to. This might be because I probably didn’t post on Instagram about those places.

I can’t be bothered scrolling through over a year of photos to find the ones that I took in Bratislava, Slovakia, just so that I can post them on Instagram and see them automatically posted to my travel map.

Instead, I decided to post the photos here and see if the travel map would play nicely with WordPress when I try to manually add a past event to the map using a WordPress URL. When I tried to add photos to this blog post, I found that I had the same problem as before: I had to scroll through all my photos to find the Bratislava ones from over a year ago. This time, I put all the Bratislava photos into an album in iOS Photos to make it easier to upload them to WordPress, which meant that it was then easier to upload them to Instagram … meaning that I can now easily upload the Bratislava photos to Instagram, which sort of obviates the need for this post. (Oh.) But I’d already drafted this blog post by the time I made that iOS Photos album, and besides, this format makes it easier for me to waffle about that trip and create individual photo captions than posting an album to Instagram. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

Anyway, here are the photos!

We were only in Slovakia for a few hours in March 2017. We were actually staying in Vienna, Austria, and we took a train from there over to Bratislava.

Murals at Bratislava train station

“WELCOME TO SLOVAKIA” sign at Bratislava train station

The trams aren’t hard to find once you exit the train station:

Trams at Bratislava train station

It was not a well-planned outing; it was dark when we arrived so we didn’t get to see a lot of sights. This hilltop castle/fortress structure is probably more impressive in the daytime:

Luckily, we found a cat café!

The Bratislava cat cafe’s advice in Slovak
The Bratislava cat cafe’s advice in Slovak. There was an English version as well.
A black cat and a black-and-white cat
My partner patting a cat while another cat looks on … jealously?
A cat has taken over an empty chair
Cat usurps human’s chair

“Are you looking at my butt?”
“You are looking at my butt, aren’t you, weirdo?”

After we left the cat cafe, we walked through the old town.

Old buildings at night
The castle on the hill is lit up at night.
Female automaton in a shop window
Creepy automaton
A group of automata in a shop window
Additional creepy automata

We had a very meaty dinner before we left town.

Meat on a skewer with salad and DOUBLE POTATOES
Meat on a skewer with salad and DOUBLE POTATOES

It started raining (not pictured) when we were ready to take the train back to Vienna.

Bratislava train station platform
Bratislava train station platform
Bratislava train station platform
Yeah, it was late.
Bratislava train station platform
See you later, Bratislava.

Maybe we will visit Slovakia again one day and stay for a bit longer.