Silly pun-based drawing inspired by Answer Me This! Episode 38

I started listening to the Answer Me This! podcast last year after I heard Helen Zaltzman on The Bugle (which I started listening to after I started watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) and after listening to her solo podcast, The Allusionist.

After running out of episodes of The Allusionist and free episodes of AMT!, I started buying and listening to classic episodes of AMT! … I have now listened to all of them.

When I listened to episode 38, I was so amused that I drew this little bit of fan art on my iPad Pro with my new Apple Pencil. (I also had some time on my hands as I had arrived at an appointment early.)

Christian Eeyore*: The New Fragrance for Hymn (*Please don’t sue me, Disney!)
What was that saying about idle hands and the devil?